Our album 'Light of the World' is nearly
finished!!!!!  I can't believe it, most songs
have been mixed, just a few little bits and
pieces to finish, most of the art work is

'The album is a large scale experimental pop
album for band and orchestra with sophisticated
musical arrangements- a musical journey
exploring songs, larger scale compositions,
improvisation and collage all over
a conceptual narrative'

 Look out for shows for Melbourne Fringe in
September and an album launch in October!!!

 posted April 21 2016

'Love is your destiny' is now available through this  website

"Beautiful melodies wrong footed by meandering chords, the arrangements are
seductive and disorienting".(Ross McLennan) 


As if his six piece band wasn't big enough composer and vocalist Martin Mackerras also employed the services
of extra vocalist and an orchestra to complete his debut album , and took 4 years in the process.
The result is an ambitious collection of dreamy soundscapes , free flowing instrumentals and pop flirtations,
The lyrics are every bit as gentle and feature plenty of 'pah-pah-pahs'  for added softness. Split into 3
suites of songs, with an interlude between each, the tracks meander along nicely. The care free closing
Be What You Are out does them all, though, with it's 11  plus minute blend of electronic, folk and
orchestra becoming truly hypnotic by the end. Despite some complex arrangements it all sounds
delightfully an perversely simple.

Paul Smith,  Sydney Morning Herald

'May Dreamers were amazing tonight, incredible even! Like a krautrock Steely Dan meets Cobra &
Phases Group-era Stereolab with mega harmonies!'
Dan Lewis, Special Awards

- What a pleasant surprise this is, sneaking into my ears so late in the year. The gentle warmth of
Melbourne's May Dreamers' psych, folk-pop drifting in and pushing back the unseasonable cool
of summer so far. One of the first things I thought upon hearing both Love Is Your Destiny and
an attendant remix disc based around the rather sweet, hilarious and stalkerish The Brooke Satchwell
Song, is that I hadn't heard anything psychedelic, home-grown and so good since the similarly,
criminally unheralded Deviant nature by Sydney's Kevin Purdy, late last year. They both feature
lush lush psych reverb overlaying really rather brilliant retro-pop song-writing. Purdy managed
to make it sound like he was playing with an orchestra (replete with Ravi Shankar in there somewhere
for maximum trippiness) whereas the mastermind of May Dreamers, Martin Mackerras, actually
employed one, along with his core, 6 piece band and backing vocalists, to pull off the rich and
complex orchestration you'll hear on Love Is Your Destiny. The other thing that Mackerras and
Purdy have in common is that whole 'music first, promotion second thing': I think they were
almost surprised when folks in their home towns took to their work with such ardour! Only as a
distant after-thought did they imagine that the rest of the country might want to get some of
this. Well, as I said, this really has been flying ridiculously below the radar so I don't mind giving it
a bit of a re-up in the promotional department, a month or two after it's initial release. Within the
psych goodness there's other stuff going on for May Dreamers. As you might have guessed from
a title like The Brooke Satchwell Song (Love Is Your Destiny) Mackerras is not averse to a little humour
and he delivers it in his quiet, gentle voice and a manner that is utterly deadpan. It reminds me
most strongly of Geoffrey O'Connor, especially his Crayon Fields records, before he went solo and all 80s.
Mackerras and O'Connor are like two divergant paths from the same retro-pop source: Crayon
Fields crisp purity of 60s pop sound and May Dreamers' Mamas and Papas descending into a sea of
reverb. As you listen into the back end of the record you'll hear more florid, progressive sounds -
the May Dreamers pull out the stops and let the pop slide into the back seat, creating great big
psych-folk-rock edifices that put a depth and staying power in this record that should keep you
coming back. I've had so much fun with May Dreamers; it is always great to receive an excellent
record that is unexpected. May Dreamers, you have made my day.

Chris Cobcroft: 4ZzZ-FM Web site
As bleak and fitful as Laura Jean’s latest album is, her bandmate Martin Mackerras has struck out
on his own with something starkly different. Using a six-piece band plus singers and an orchestra,
Mackerras’s hour-plus debut as May Dreamers is reliably airy despite just how much is happening
at one time. It’s baroque pop in the mode and scale of Burt Bacharach or Pet Sounds. The layers
are as heady as the sentiments are sunny and hopeful (see the album title). The amorphous
closer ‘Be What You Are’ is even dedicated to his son.

 Doug Wallen: Mess and Noise

 'A beautiful recording'


May Dreamers Album'Love is your destiny'
It's the debut album by
May Dreamers and The
Future Happiness Orchestra

Now available at Polyester Fitzroy , Ritual Music North Fitzroy, Readings (in store and website) ,
Basement Discs in the city! Rocking Horse in Bris.  also on band camp.  

May Dreamers 'the brooke satchwell song' EP
Now Available at Polyester Fitzroy , Ritual Music North Fitzroy

and at our online store 

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