The Future Happiness Orchestra recording for 'Light of the World'!Thanks to everyone who came to our show at Danes Magic Theatre we have been asked back to play for Danes 500th show celebration!!! Saturday Aug 2nd hope you can come along!Thanks to everyone who came to our show at Long Play.

The May Dreamers recorded the band tracks of 'Light of the world' at Soundpark in early April , this photo was taken at a rehearsal  the day before the recording (from left Martin ,Jo , Dan , Liz and Zach)
The next phase will be recording the vocals and orchestral over dubs!

Feb 14 2013:  dates are confirmed for our recording of 'Light of the World' at Sound Park! We will try to do another gig before then , wow that last one at  Bar Open was amazing,thanks to all who came.

update Nov 10. It's confirmed! We are playing our next gig at Bar Open on Dec 13 thats just over a month away !!! In this gig we will feature all our brand new songs. We've been practicing hard with lots of Vocal practice at my place, those rehearsals really are FUN. Once evryone gets singing theres a kind of energy that gets released I don't know what it is but it's there for sure , I guess you could call it good vibrations!... I always have a bit of a high after those rehearsals and the best thing is not having to lug gear!

Latest news;  The wonderfully talented Liz Mitchell has joined the band to replce Nina Benvenuti. We comence rehearsal in 2 weeks to begin work on our 2nd album!!!! Currenltly titled 'light of the world'. Martin has been working on the demos since the launch was over in September last year 2011. This album will be EPIC some sweet pop tunes and mostly pretty cosmic sounding pop , minimalist / kraut rock sounding, vocal orientated , DISorientating pop and then just some out there collage. We will also play a gig  to celebrate  and then to Sound Park to record the album. 
 written  Aug 3 /2012

  A breif History of May Dreamers

May Dreamers is the brain child of song writer / composer Martin Mackerras, known recently as the clarinettist with such artists as Laura Jean , Ross Mclennan, Sailor Days, Grand Salvo just to name a few.
Martin spent his teen years traveling between youth orchestra rehearsals as a clarinettist and band rehearsals playing basically any instrument he could get his hands on. He went on to focus his studies in clarinet and composition first at VCA in Melbourne and then to New York where he studied at The Manhattan School of Music as Fulbright Scholar.

On returning from the USA he wrote epic compositions for pianist Michael Kieran Harvey and his own ensemble . At the same time developing his song writing /producing skills and saturating himself in the thriving Melbourne music scene. 'Going on tours up and down the coast with Laura Jeans 'Eden Land Band' and Ross Mclennans 'New World Sympathetic Orchestra'- some of the shows we played were the most amazing and transcendant musical experiences of my life , I feel pretty lucky to have been part of it".

The only problem is you can't sing while playing the clarinet , and Martin loves singing, he's obsessed by pop music from the 70's and all kinds of experimental music since his teens , he was eager to find the right ensemble of creative minds to realize his large back log of songs and composition ideas.
So he forms a band of highly skilled and diverse instrumentalists: vibraphone , percussion ( Nat Grant ) 2 keyboards ( Jo Abbott and Nina Benvenuti) Bass ( Zach Schneider) and Drums ( Danial Brates) to play the songs and create colourful, textured soundscapes- and tells them 'by the way you have to sing as well'. They sing songs about how the mind is an but interface , this whole world is a but a dream and how we all need love, love, LOVE!
So May Dreamers is born.

Over the years they have been together Mackerras has been producing their first album, 10 songs (complete with luscious vocal harmonies and orchestral arrangements), loops and sound collage. It's taken a few years to make and now its finally finished.
To celebrate the releasee of their debut album 'Love is your Destiny' The May Dreamers Band  presented the songs from the album. Joining them on stage were the Future Happiness Orchestra (to recreate the orchestrations on the album), guest artists Biddy Connor (also featured on the album) and musical legend Ross Mclennan.

previous shows:


Dec 13 Bar open with Yuko Kono and True Strength


Sept 30-Launch of Love is your Destiny Thornbury Theatre- with support by Sailor Days guests artists
The Future happiness Orchestra , Biddy Connor and Ross Mclennnan

Sept 15- Ep Launch  Builders Arms with Mad Nanna and Bali Hai


Nov - The Empress , with Mellow Kitty

July residency- Wesley Anne with Mellow Kitty , Hero Twin ,Roman Holiday

The Empress with  Patinka Cha Cha

May- Empress  benefit

April- Edinburgh Castle with Teqila Mockingbirds

March 23 Builders Arms with Hammocks and Honey

Feburary Empress with  Patinka Cha Cha


Mar 17 Thornbury Theatre supporting for Georgia Fields

January 30 East Brunswick Club festival


August The Empress

July- Edinburgh Castle with Light Music Club and Peter Joseph Head

June- Gertrudes with Peter Joseph Head

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